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I think it’s part of human nature to be a bit nosy, I can definitely hold my hands up and say I’m nosy. So I thought I’d show you what’s in my bag.

I can’t go out without my bag, and times when I do, like on the school run, it feels really odd not to have it!

So here’s what’s in mine! Well starting with the actual bag itself. I have a faux leather backpack from ASOS that my husband bought me for Christmas.

My purse is also from ASOS in a lovely faux croc leather material.

My lips get so dry, especially in the winter. I’m not a massive lipstick fan, so I keep with me my SKYN Iceland Lip Fix from M&S This minty version came from my advent calendar, but they do a berry one which looks just as good.

The ban on plastic straws comes into force in April 2020, so until then I always take my reusable metal straw and pouch from Sundipped Sea with me.

Everywhere I go, Eddie comes with me and as he’s still in nappies I use my Nautical Pouch to keep everything together, including my biodegradable baby wipes from Aldi.

I always have a reusable cotton tote bag with me to save me from being tempted with a plastic bag when I’m out shopping.

Ideas or inspirations can come to be anytime so I always have a little notebook with me. I’m currently using one of my Creative Adventures notebooks.

And of course, I can’t go anywhere without my phone. I love my Google Pixel 3a XL. And my keys complete with beach hut keyring.

Entivably random receipts, juice bottles and snacks end up in my bag too. But these are my main must-haves! What are your bag must haves?

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