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Too many striped tops? – Never!

big pile of striped tops

big pile of striped topsI recently shared a photograph of my striped top collection on Instagram (@sandandseagulls) with the caption; ‘You’ll never hear me say the words “I have too many stripy tops!” – And I was definitely not alone. With comments such as “This looks like my wardrobe” , “I have a whole drawer just for my stripy Breton tops” and “I’m rarely in anything else”

Why do we love them so much? – I think it’s because they can easily be dressed up and down, they’re timeless and they suit any age and size.

Did you know the striped top started its life in the French Navy in 1858. It was a second skin for those working at sea, as they made sailors easier to spot if they had fallen overboard.

These days you can pick up a striped top almost anywhere; some of my favourites are:

tu blue and white stripy topnautical company blue and red striped topJoules harbour Light Jersey Topsea salt cornwall blue and white striped topHM Striped jersey topBoden black and white stripy top

But, like me… do you think you may be a little obsessed with striped tops? – How many of these questions do you answer with a Yes?!

● Every time you buy a new striped top, you promise yourself it’ll be the last one you add to your wardrobe

● You worry that people think you only own one top and wear it repeatedly. If so; why don’t they notice the difference in them?!

● Your friends have told you on multiple occasions that whenever they wear something striped, they feel like you

● If ever someone asks for present suggestions for your birthday or Christmas, a striped t-shirt is failsafe option

● The struggle to find the ‘perfect’ Breton t-shirt is real!

Welcome to the Stripe Top Club, the best club ever right?! (I may even make some badges!!)

blue and white striped top with beach jewellery  floral striped top

2 thoughts on “Too many striped tops? – Never!

  1. Love your blog! I adore striped tops too! My go to when I’m clueless over what to wear! Found you on instagram ages ago and am thrilled you’re a fellow blogger now too. My blog is about charity shop finds mixed in with hectic family life tales. Like I told you over at Insta recently, I have three kids too. Quiet it ain’t!!! Xxx

    1. Thank-you so much Gem. And yes….life is madness isn’t it!!! :-) xx

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