This summer’s must have dresses – Ebay vs Mango

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ebay and mango dress being modelled by me

ebay and mango dress being modelled by meA stripy, light, floaty and flattering dress is a must have for ladies this summer. My Instagram feed seems to be full of them, and with the high temperatures the heat wave has brought, it feels an age since I last wore trousers and socks.

As a 34 year old Mum of three who works from home; I don’t need a mix of work clothes and home clothes anymore. And, I don’t tend to buy clothes too often. But when I do, of course affordability comes into it but so does quality. If something is going to last me a while then I’ll happily spend a bit more on it.

Two dresses that seem to pop up a lot on my phone, are the Ebay £9.99 blue striped beach summer dress. And the £49.99 beige striped linen dress from Mango. So I thought I’d buy both to compare.


The Ebay Dress

I think I may have been a bit late to the party with the ‘Ebay dress of the summer’ because when I featured it on my Instagram stories, a lot of ladies said they had it too.

Pros of this dress 1) the price; £9.99 including delivery is amazing value 2) The sizing is pretty spot on; I bought a size 10 which arrived as a Medium. I don’t have a very big bust so is perfect up top for me. So if you were larger on top you’d probably have to size up 3) I was impressed with the quality, it looks more expensive than it is 4) The same style dress is available in 15 different patterns. 5) It washes well and no need to iron.

Cons of this dress 1) It’s 95% polyester which isn’t the nicest of materials but I don’t mind. 2) The fact that it only costs £9.99 inc delivery does make me wonder where it’s made and who by. This information isn’t readily available on Ebay. The label says made in China. 3) The material is quite thin; so how hard wearing it’ll be, only time will tell. 4) I think buttons on the pockets would have been a nice finishing touch, as the Mango dress has these. 5) As with most things on Ebay, if you wanted to return the dress, you would have to cover the postage.

See the ebay dress here

The Mango Dress

The Mango linen dress is four times the price at £49.99 but there’s free standard delivery on orders over £30.

Pros of this dress 1) The 100% linen material is just lovely, it has a gorgeous quality feel to it. 2) The fit and sizing is good, I think they maybe come up a bit big though as I bought a size 8 but could probably do with the size 6. 3) The button fastening is genuine, and so perfect for breastfeeding. The Ebay dress buttons don’t open. 4) I like the length of this dress, slightly longer than the Ebay dress. 5) The buttons on the pockets add to the quality of the dress,

Cons of this dress – 1) The price; I think it would need to be a wedding or a special occasion purchase. 2) The linen material means it would need ironing; I try to avoid ironing as much as possible. 3) Just two different colour varieties, would maybe like to see it in a brighter colour. 4) I’m 5’5” and I felt a little frumpy in this dress, I think it’s perhaps designed for someone taller than me. 5) I don’t think it looks like it cost £49.99, it doesn’t shout quality to me.

See the Mango dress here


I found it really interesting comparing these two dresses which seem so different, but are actually very similar too. I think they’re both lovely, but in their different ways appeal to very different audiences.

I have to say, after writing this blog I did send the Mango dress back. I felt that I couldn’t justify a £49.99 for a dress that for me, didn’t have the wow factor. I have kept the Ebay dress though and am already looking at buying it in different colours.

These views are my own, and I purchased the dresses with my own money. Prices correct at published date of 24th July 2018

ebay and mango dress hanging on the beach hut

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  1. I think you could add pocket buttons to eBay dress, I have the white one, it needs a slip but it is a cotton mix material. I’ve ordered it in 2 more colours x

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