Our full range of beach jewellery, sea themed coastal homeware and nautical accessories. Perfect for lovers of the seaside.

Everything we do is inspired by the sea; from the shells and pearls to the colour of the sea itself!

This nautical range is sure to ‘float your boat’ (pun intended)!

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  • sterling silver life bouy necklace next to a sea shell

    “I Refuse To Sink” Washer Necklace

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  • star necklace square

    “Silver Star” Necklace

    £25.00 Select options
  • sandy_toes_necklace_2

    “Sandy Toes” Necklace

    £19.00£21.00 Select options
  • Blue metal seagulls wall art

    “Gulls In Flight” Blue Wall Art (seconds)

    £14.99 Select options
  • silver-gulls-in-flight-wall-art

    “Gulls In Flight” Silver Wall Art

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  • “Personalised” Initial/Letter Tag Add On

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  • gift-box2

    “Gift Box” Add On

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  • “My Little Seaglass” Necklace

    £20.00£22.00 Select options
  • glass of the sea seaglass personalised pendant necklace

    “Glass of the Sea” Necklace

    £28.00£32.00 Select options
  • 16.06 bracelet image.s

    “Hengistbury” Beach Charm Bracelet

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  • “Shining Light” Necklace

    £15.00£17.00 Select options
  • decorative mini wooden beach huts

    “Summertime” Mini Beach Huts

    £6.99 Select options
  • Sale!

    “Summertime” Beach Huts

    £7.00 Select options
  • i refuse to sink print

    “I Refuse To Sink” Print

    £5.00£7.00 Select options
  • seaside-seaglass-earringsmain

    “Seaside Seaglass” Earrings

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  • beach themed sterling silver conch shell pendant necklace with white sea glass pendant

    “Sea Shell, Sea Glass” Necklace

    £20.00£22.00 Select options
  • blue glass pendant necklace on a sterling silver chain

    “Ocean Blue” Necklace

    £19.00£20.00 Select options
  • silver seahorse.s

    “Silver Seahorse” Necklace

    £23.00£26.00 Select options
  • “Silver Star” Earrings

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  • trinket-bottles

    “Seaside Treasures” Glass Bottles

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  • adjustable Sterling Silver bangle featuring a fresh water pearl and beautiful genuine bright blue sea glass pendant

    “Secrets Of The Sea” Sea Glass Bangle

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  • dreaming of the sea

    “Dreaming of the Sea” Necklace

    £18.50 Select options
  • Personalised sterling silver charm

    “Seashell” Necklace

    £19.00 Select options
  • new bangles.3.square

    “Seaside Quote” Hand Stamped Bangle

    £18.00 Select options
  • ocean wave large resin board

    “Ocean Waves” Medium Resin Board

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  • mermaid starfish and pearl silver necklace

    “Wish I Was A Mermaid” Necklace

    £24.00£26.00 Select options
  • Hoop-Earrings-2-square

    “Seaside Pearl” Earrings

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  • “Sea Star” Hairclip

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  • wayne the whale decoration

    “Wayne” The Whale

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  • “Sail Boat and Seagulls” Wall Art

    £42.99 Read more
  • refuse to sink sterling bangle

    “I Refuse To Sink” Cuff Bangle

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  • green sea turtle

    “Green Sea Turtle” Necklace

    £18.00£19.00 Select options
  • seashell_earrings

    “Seashell Earrings”

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  • “Silver Manta” Necklace

    £18.00£19.00 Select options
  • blue wooden whale mantel piece decoration by shoeless joe

    “Having A Whale Of A Time” Wooden Whale

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  • heart dishes

    “Heart” Trinket Dish

    £7.99£9.99 Select options
  • Sandbanks-Bracelet-1

    “Sandbanks” Bracelet

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  • sand from my favourite beach bottle

    “My Favourite Beach” Bottle

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  • “My Little Pebble” Necklace

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  • flip flop

    “FlipFlop” Necklace

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  • Lighthouse and boats coastal scene ceramic jug from Gisela Graham

    “Coastal Scene” Ceramic Jug

    £28.99 Read more
  • sail boat wall art

    “Sail Boat” Wall Art

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  • salcombe beach detailed art print by geraldine burles

    “Salcombe” Devon Beach Print

    £17.50£27.50 Select options
  • “Mangelia” Earrings

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  • “Penang” Ring

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  • “Ships Mate” Necklace

    £17.00£18.00 Select options
  • sea spray candle

    “Sea Spray” Scented Candle

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  • a little sand print

    “A Little Sand Between Your Toes” Print

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  • Sale!
    white clam shell wreath

    “White Clam Shell” Wreath

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  • “Little Star” Earrings

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  • coral reef wall art

    “Coral Reef” Wall Art

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  • caribbean blue gemstone sterling silver adjustable ring

    “Caribbean” Ring

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  • blue lace gemstone ring

    “Blue Lace” Ring

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  • small amazonite statement ring

    “Summer Life” Ring

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  • “Seasalt & Sage” Reed Diffuser

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  • “St Ives” Earrings

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  • sterling silver starfish stud earrings

    “Starfish” Stud Earrings

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  • HengistburyMain.web

    “Hengistbury Head” Print

    £17.50£27.50 Select options
  • seaglass blue drop sterling silver earrings

    “Summer Sea” Seaglass Earrings

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  • blue opal sterling silver stud earrings

    “Shoal Bay” Earrings

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