Our marvellous selection of nautical accessories & coastal home decor brings that beach feel to your home. Specially selected to add a piece of the coast and seaside to any home.

Who needs a beach hut? Our range of sea themed nautical decor & coastal home accessories is perfect for styling any room in your house for that relaxing sea side feel.

We have everything from nautical beach wall art to personalised deck chairs to seaside themed cushions!

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  • Blue metal seagulls wall art

    “Gulls In Flight” Blue Wall Art (seconds)

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  • silver-gulls-in-flight-wall-art

    “Gulls In Flight” Silver Wall Art

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  • decorative mini wooden beach huts

    “Summertime” Mini Beach Huts

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    “Summertime” Beach Huts

    £7.00 Select options
  • i refuse to sink print

    “I Refuse To Sink” Print

    £5.00£7.00 Select options
  • trinket-bottles

    “Seaside Treasures” Glass Bottles

    £14.99 Select options
  • wayne the whale decoration

    “Wayne” The Whale

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  • “Sail Boat and Seagulls” Wall Art

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  • blue wooden whale mantel piece decoration by shoeless joe

    “Having A Whale Of A Time” Wooden Whale

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  • heart dishes

    “Heart” Trinket Dish

    £7.99£9.99 Select options
  • sand from my favourite beach bottle

    “My Favourite Beach” Bottle

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  • Lighthouse and boats coastal scene ceramic jug from Gisela Graham

    “Coastal Scene” Ceramic Jug

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  • sail boat wall art

    “Sail Boat” Wall Art

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  • salcombe beach detailed art print by geraldine burles

    “Salcombe” Devon Beach Print

    £17.50£27.50 Select options
  • coral reef wall art

    “Coral Reef” Wall Art

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  • a little sand print

    “A Little Sand Between Your Toes” Print

    £5.00£7.00 Select options
  • sea spray candle

    “Sea Spray” Scented Candle

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    white clam shell wreath

    “White Clam Shell” Wreath

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  • “Seasalt & Sage” Reed Diffuser

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  • HengistburyMain.web

    “Hengistbury Head” Print

    £17.50£27.50 Select options
  • yellow ochre starfish patterned coasters

    “Starfish” Yellow Patterned Coasters

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  • ocean of fish wooden salad servers

    “Ocean Fish” Wooden Salad Servers

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  • Beach-Hut-and-Fish-Swimming-Nautical-Home-Wall-Art

    “Beach Hut Dream” Hanger

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    grey and white wooden drfitwood heart home decoration

    “Grey Wooden Heart” Wall Art (second)

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  • mother and baby blue whales

    “Mother and Baby” Blue Whales

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  • ocean fish mini wooden bowl

    “Ocean Fish” Mini Wooden Bowl

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  • beach rules wooden sign

    “Beach Rules” Hanging Wall Sign

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  • sidmouth cliffs, devon print

    “Sidmouth Cliffs” Print

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  • st ives beach detailed art print by geraldine burles

    “St Ives” Coastal Print

    £17.50£27.50 Select options
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    blue seas the day wall art

    “Seas The Day” Wall Art

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  • buoy and gull framed print

    “Buoy and Gull” Framed Print

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  • summer dreams wooden mini beach huts

    “Summer Dreams” Beach Huts

    £8.99 Select options
  • Greetings card featuring colourful beach huts golden sand and sparkling blue sea

    “Blue Beach Huts” Card

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  • coastal scene cushion

    “Coastal Scene” Cushion

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  • “Chula Shell” Round Wreath

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  • oh I do like to be beside the seaside print

    “Beside The Seaside” Print

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  • driftwood and sage mini candle

    “Driftwood and Sage” Mini Scented Candle

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  • fish-shoal-coaster.2

    “Fish Shoal” Coaster

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  • ocean fish wooden chopping board

    “Ocean Fish” Wooden Chopping Board

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  • “Chamomile & Cotton” Scented Candle

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  • live in the sunshine quote print

    “Live In The Sunshine” Print

    £5.00£7.00 Select options
  • seahorse-coaster.lighter

    “Sea Horse” Coaster

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  • EscapeBeachMain-web

    “Escape To The Beach” Print

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  • ocean fish large wooden bowl

    “Ocean Fish” Large Wooden Bowl

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  • life's roughest storms print

    “Lifes Roughest Storms” Print

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  • snowy beach huts card

    “Snowy Beach Huts” Card

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    “Sail The Seas” Wooden Boats

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  • shells from my favourite beach bottle

    “Shells” Glass Bottle

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    ocean fish large wooden platter

    “Ocean Fish” Large Wooden Platter

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  • "Will" Silver Metal Whale

    “Will” Silver Metal Whale

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  • embroidered deck chair wall hanging hoop

    “Deckchair” Mini Embroidered Decorative Hoop

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  • “Sail Away Around The Coast” Print

    £17.50£27.50 Select options
  • green hammam towel

    “Hammam” Sea Green Towel

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  • sea spray reed diffuser

    “Sea Spray” Reed Diffuser

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  • blue beach hut oh I do like to be beside the seaside mug

    “Beach Hut” Mug

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  • id rather be at the beach hut mug

    “I’d Rather Be At The Beach Hut” Mug

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  • our memories of the ocean will linger on long after our footprints in the sand are gone framed print

    “Memories Of The Ocean” Framed Print

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  • SwimWildMainweb

    “Swim Wild In The Summer” Print

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  • beach life. no hurries no worries quote seagull on the beach framed print

    “Beach Life” Framed Print

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  • a life by the sea is the life for me quote beach hut framed wall print

    “A Life By The Sea” Framed Print

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