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My Nine Cups Of Tea

My Nine Cups Of Tea

My Nine Cups Of TeaThis is an unusually deep one from me, but a photo I wanted to take and share its little story. Kelly over at @kelly_thebeesknees on Instagram had been talking about that content feeling and popping the kettle on. I am a big tea drinker and love the way having a cuppa can bring people together. A common love of tea and reason to connect for a short while.
So; 9 cups of tea…who did I make them for? And why?

Tea 1) My Dad; he made me first ever cup of tea and I miss him so much everyday

Tea 2, 3, 4) These are for the amazing midwives who helped me deliver my 3 baby boys into the world

Tea 5) My husband; we make each other tea all the time but I would love to take a moment to enjoy this one together, rather than the usual rushing around

Tea 6) This is for the girl ‘Emma’ who bullied me at school. I’d love to sit down with her and find out why she did what she did

Tea 7) For David Attenborough; I totally adore this man and would love to meet him and have an incredible chat. The Grandad I never had!!

Tea 8) For the nurse who held me after my fifth miscarriage and told me I would be okay and could get through this

Tea 9) For my friend Louise; we’ve lost touch through no fault of our own and would love to get back in touch

These cups of tea were made for them. Sadly none of them got to drink them but I think they did in spirit. And I do feel a sense of content that I popped the kettle on with them in mind.

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  1. Good morning.. I am lying in bed with a cup of . Had to make it my self . This is a lovely post. I miss my dad .. We missed lots of time together as he passed away when I was 10… 50 years ago and I never really knew my grandparents except for one granny.. My dad and his family came from Malta and when he died.. Life wasn’t the same. And I miss having a cup of tea with my husband, now ex husband. We were married 23/24,years. We always made each other one. . So next cuppa you have.. Sit and enjoy

    1. Thank-you for your reply and for sharing your story. And thanks so much Anne; I will x

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