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Marine Conservation Society – We’re members

Marine Society Fact Sheets

Marine Society Fact SheetsSand and Seagulls is proud to be a member of the Marine Conservation Society. The society started in 1983 in a garden shed in Hertfordshire. And their vision is for sea’s full of life – seas and coasts where nature flourishes and people thrive.

Their mission is to to drive political, cultural and social change for healthy seas and coasts that support abundant marine wildlife, sustainable livelihoods and enjoyment for all. And this is something we strongly support too.

When you become a member you’re adding your voice to thousands of others and help their work to protect our seas, shores and wildlife.
The more members they have, the louder their voice becomes, and the more effective they can be in campaigning and lobbying for change. Each and every one of their members matters and helps them make a difference. Find out more at

The Marine Conservation Society also need people to support their campaigns, because collectively we’re a force that people in power can’t ignore. To find out more and see how you can help go to

One of their current campaigns which has really struck a cord with me is ‘Stop The Unflushables’. The 2017 Great British Beach Clean weekend found over 18,050 unflushable items littering our beaches , including cotton bud sticks, wet wipes and sanitary towels. Items such as these contain plastic so they don’t disintegrate like toilet paper. Flush them, and once they reach the sea, they last a very very very long time.

#youcantflushthis If it’s not paper, pee or poo; don’t flush it down the loo! This is something I have started to teach my boys. To find out more to go


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  1. So great to hear you’re helping and supporting

  2. This is brilliant! We all need to do our bit to help

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