Do you like stripes?

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You can never have too many stripes! That’s what I tell my husband anyway, I love a stripy Breton and have a wardrobe full of them!

Stripes were originally worn by fisherman, and became the official uniform of French sailors in 1858. It is reported that it was easier to find a man if he fell in the sea wearing stripes. 

Stripes are not only wonderful, timeless and flattering to wear, but they can be a perfect way to add a seaside touch to your home.

Wide stripes are often used to capture a bold cabana look, and finer have a more of a sophisticated coastal nautical feel.   

We have a lovely collection of coastal accessories that can work for all beachy vibes.

Horizontal stripes are also meant to bring a sense of calm and peace, which is why many designers favour them in waiting rooms and bedrooms. 

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