Ditching the plastic single use parcel tape

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Unlike a few years ago there isn’t any excuse for using single use plastic now. There are so many alternatives out there now for everything from shampoo bottles to beeswax wraps for your sandwiches. As an online retail business I send out a lot of parcels every week. And the traditional plastic parcel tape is a no no now, so I’ve been looking for plastic free alternatives.

There’s lots of different ones out there, made from paper rather than plastic so they can be recycled, often still attached to the parcel box. BUT … a big bugbear of mine, and lots of my fellow small businesses is that the tape just won’t stick!! It often peels off too easily, meaning precious parcels are not secure enough.

So I have bought four different types of tape and I have reviewed them to hopefully find ‘the one’.

  1. Nattee Strong Paper Packaging Tape

Bought from Amazon for £6.49 inc prime delivery

Measures 50m x 50mm width

The tape I purchased has FRAGILE on it but the do sell plain

Mixed reviews for this tape on Amazon, ranging from “poor” to “just the job”. The tape didn’t tear when unrolled, but did worryingly seem to be lacking stick. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well it stuck to cardboard. But it let itself down when trying to wrap a parcel, and sticking to itself. At first it was okay but over an hour or so the tape seemed to lift and part a lot. I would feel nervous posting something out using this tape. 

Total score:

Price –  8/10

Purpose – 7/10

Overall – 7.5/10

  1. Plastic Freedom Paper Tape 

Bought directly from their website as a one off purchase for £5.00 plus £2.99 delivery (so £7.99 in total) 

Measures 50m x 48mm width

The tape I purchased has an ocean design. They do have a plain version for 50p less. 

Lovely reviews on the plastic freedom website for this tape. And although the plain version is 50p cheaper I did love the design on this one, personally because it’s a good fit for my brand. Really impressed with the tape, it sticks securely to cardboard and paper. And to itself really well so I would feel confident packaging up parcels using this tape. 

Total score:

Price – 7/10

Purpose – 9/10

Overall – 8/10

  1. Z.S & Daughters Strong Kraft Paper Packing Tape

Bought from Amazon for £5.99 inc prime delivery

Measures 50m x 48mm width

The cheapest of all the tapes. And the reviews on Amazon for this tape were mixed, from “shameful” to “the best tape I’ve used”. The widest of all the tapes by 2mm, but this isn’t noticeable. Upon using it I noticed almost immediately that it rips very easily when unrolling. On my test boxes it stuck well to the cardboard, with only some small lifts along one edge. But it let itself down by being poor at sticking to itself. So when taping up a box it is sticky enough on the box but if you wrap a couple of layers around on top of one another, it really doesn’t want to stick. This would make me very nervous when sending through the postal system.

Total score:

Price – 8/10

Purpose – 5/10

Overall – 6/10

  1. Packplan Polka Dot Kraft Paper Tape 

Bought from Etsy for £10 plus £2.95 postage (so £12.95 in total)

Measures 50m x 48mm width

Other designs available and a white tape version. 

The most expensive tape out of the four. But purchased from a small independently run business on Etsy so a little higher price is understandable. The tape I picked was quite plain but they sell some amazing colours to really give your parcel stand out. At over twice the price of the Amazon tape, I did wonder if it was worth it. But with five star reviews across the board they have some happy customers and I can see why. The tape performed brilliantly, not only on cardboard and paper but it stuck to itself as well. Meaning secure and pretty looking parcels. 

Total score:

Price – 7.5/10

Purpose – 9/10

Overall – 8.5/10

So it just goes to show, you definitely get what you pay for! If you want to make sure your precious parcels are secure and arrive with your customer intact, I would recommend spending a little bit more on eco-friendly tape. Take notice of the reviews, people do know what they’re talking about. And if you can always support a small business because Mr Amazon really doesn’t need any more pennies in his pocket.

Hope this has been helpful. All views are my own, and all tapes purchased with my own money. 

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