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Did you know?

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Whether you believe in new years resolutions or not, the start of a new year always brings thoughts and reflections. Whether it be about the previous year and what we achieved, or your plans, hopes and dreams for the new year ahead.

I therefore thought the first Sand and Seagulls blog of 2019 would be the perfect place to reflect on how far Sand and Seagulls has come since it’s launch in 2013. And introduce you to my business if you’re new around here.


  1. Sand and Seagulls started from my kitchen table in Dorset, in July 2013. I was on maternity leave with my eldest and I needed something else to do, for me, that wasn’t just being a Mum. And, I missed my working life in Financial Services marketing.
  2. In 2010 my husband and I had a seaside themed wedding, from a VW camper wedding car to a fish & chips evening buffet. We have always loved the seaside, we’re incredibly lucky to live close to the sea. (see photo above)
  3. The first piece I sold were a pair of navy blue anchor button earrings. (see photo below)
  4. Sand and Seagulls started out with just a few earrings and necklaces; and grew into a full jewellery collection. And then I added a homeware section to complement the brand and business. And most recently seaside themed clothing.
  5. It’s a dream of mine to own a beach hut one day. The prices of beach huts where I live are crazy, so it’s unlikely. But I can dream right?! (see photo below )
  6. In 2018 I launched the ‘I refuse to sink’ collection. And at the end of 2018 the sales of necklaces, bangles and prints had raised £1,865 for Teddys Legacy. (see photo below)
  7. My favourite thing about the seaside? – The waves; I love the power of them and how they’re just the very beginning of the amazing wonders beyond them.
  8. It’s a long term dream of mine to bring Sand and Seagulls to a seaside high street. I would love to have a little shop; serving tea and cake one side. And selling my pieces on the other.
  9. My favourite quote? – May the shells on the beach remind you that treasures arrive everyday in the form of simple things.
  10. In 2019 I am planning on developing my jewellery range. And I would love to be featured in Coast magazine.

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4 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. I’ve never heard that quote before. Love it

  2. I hope 5. comes true for you one day!

  3. Wonderful facts; I also love the waves

  4. So fabulous to hear how your business started! I really do hope you have a beach hut one day

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