Beach games for little people (and sometimes big people)

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beach games for kids

As a Mum of three boys I know only too well that children definitely didn’t get the memo that grown ups love to sit on the beach quietly,relax and sunbath.

So with the summer holidays in full swing, I have come up with five beach game ideas that will help keep the little people in your life entertained at the seaside. You might even be able to sneak in a sit down in the meantime. 


Beach Treasure Hunt


The beach is a great place to explore, so with a bucket and a list, see what they can find on the beach. The list can be changed and altered depending on the age of children and the sort of beach you’re visiting.

I would love to add “find a piece of seaglass” on mine, but we’d still be there now. As sadly it’s rare we find any seaglass on our local beaches. 



Sink or Float


When the treasure hunt is over, use the pieces you’ve found to play sink or swim. My eldest two are 6 and 4, and they really enjoyed doing this.



Sand Hopscotch


Hopscotch is a classic playground game. But can also be played on the beach with a stick to draw it out, and a pebble to throw. 



Family Sand Picture


Why not ask the kids to draw a family picture in the sand. You could even offer a small prize to the best picture. 



Feed The Shark


This one is fun for the whole family, and can get quite competitive. Just draw a shark in the sand and see who can throw a pebble into his mouth. 


If you play any of these at the beach with your children, I’d love to see your photos! I’m on Instagram and FB @sandandseagulls 

Happy Summer, whatever you’re up too! 

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