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A British homewares brand inspired by islands near and far

One thing we love at Sand & Seagulls, almost as much as we love the seaside, is supporting fellow small businesses. And that’s where our Gull Friends come in.

Our beautiful collection of pieces from independent brands who are also inspired by the seaside.

Our latest Gull Friend to join the team is Monique Lucas, Monique says 

“Monique Lucas is a Homewares brand inspired by “islands near and far” that I have lived and worked in.

Whether that be the exotic islands of the Far East; the sultry islands of Florida’s Key’s; or the more homely Islands around Britain.

From such experiences, I have found a continual inspiration of both coastal life and atmospheres.

The surroundings of the sea, greenery and ever-changing nature are what birthed my detailed, and vibrant, designs.

I produce most of my work when I am on an island; free minded, slowing down and connecting with my surroundings.”

We are thrilled to have a beautiful selection of her products on the website from her starfish print oven glove, to crab print apron and even set of coral napkins. Just beautiful we’re sure you’ll agree! 

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